Details remain vague after fatal Virginia crash

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Additional charges are pending against a 41-year-old Virginia man arrested for allegedly driving under the influence in connection with a fatal midafternoon crash approximately two weeks ago in Hanover County. Authorities incarcerated him in the Pamunkey Regional Jail following his release from the hospital and continue to hold him there without bond. 

The Virginia man was driving a westbound pickup that allegedly crashed head-on into a sedan after crossing into the eastbound lane. It is not clear how many total occupants the sedan contained, but two passengers underwent transportation to area hospitals for undisclosed injuries. Another passenger, along with the driver of the sedan, died at the scene. 

However, some details regarding the crash remain vague and sometimes confused. It is known that the driver of the sedan was a 68-year-old woman and the passenger who died a female aged 20 and seated in the front, yet no information is available regarding the relationship between the two. Beyond the fact of their hospitalization, no other information is available regarding the two other known occupants of the sedan. It is not expressly clear whether the driver was the sole occupant of the pickup. 

Perhaps most notably, authorities initially released erroneous information in regard to the crash that they later corrected. The initial assertion was that the driver of the pickup had crossed a solid line into the eastbound lane. However, authorities later amended their statement to say that the pickup had in fact crossed over a dotted line. 

With the stakes being so high after an alleged DUI accident, it is a little alarming that authorities could make such a substantial error in describing the accident. Those concerned about similar errors that could negatively impact their case may wish to seek the services of an attorney.