How can a contentious tone affect a divorce?

| Apr 14, 2020 | Family Law |

The effects of divorce are different for everyone. Even the nicest person can let their worst instincts take over when it comes to how they speak about or interact with their spouse.

But it’s essential to understand that even a momentary lapse of judgment can harm a person’s reputation, relationships with other family members and their chance for a favorable divorce outcome.

The benefits of taking the high road

Even if their soon-to-be-ex provokes them, one snarky comment that gets back to a judge can significantly impact the divorce process. Keeping the relationship civil, on the other hand, can help someone get positive results for:

  • Dividing assets: Taking a cooperative approach is more likely to lead to a mutually agreeable settlement for dividing marital assets. A contentious attitude can lead to a longer and costlier process, which may lead to a less favorable distribution.
  • Child custody: Judges put the best interests of children first in custody disputes, and they don’t want to hear grievances one spouse has about the other. Someone who casts themselves in a negative light can hurt their chances for a reasonable custody arrangement.
  • Lowering stress: While an amicable process is not always possible, taking a civil approach can go a long way to help achieve agreements over dividing property and future custody and co-parenting plans. Those feats, by themselves, will greatly reduce the stress that understandably occurs.

Keep your focus on the future

While divorce can create overwhelmingly negative feelings, maintaining a businesslike approach to settling custody arrangements and working for a favorable financial outcome can set you on a path for the best possible future. An experienced family law attorney can help you find that focus and increase your chances for more favorable results.