Should you divorce during the ongoing health crisis?

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2021 | Family Law |

The ongoing health crisis and the time of lengthy social isolation has led to numerous life changes. The state of the world is leading some families to join together while others fall apart. Separations and divorces are believed to be more common now than before 2020. For those considering separation or divorce, it’s important to consider how the the health scenario impacts your relationship, reasons for staying or leaving and additional considerations unique to these times.


The current scenario has led to an international recession, and families are feeling the impacts. For couples considering divorce, they may question financial abilities to buy and sell property. One or both partners will need a new place to live, and knowing how personal finances can influence when and what can be purchased should be known in advance.

If kids are part of the marriage, it’s important to consider how a divorce will impact them during particularly challenging times. Because many families are struggling financially, parents may have to gently break the news to their kids that they might not have as much available to them after a divorce. Parents can consider this discussion in advance of separation so kids know what to expect later.

Why now?

For some couples, divorce had been considered even earlier, but the year 2020 has served as the final straw or has provided individuals with considerable time to be alone with their thoughts about divorce. For others, these challenging times has resulted in couples and families living close together often, leading to increased tensions and lack of personal time.

Before separating or divorcing, consider why either seem like the right solution. Before acting irrationally, asking for help from loved ones and experienced professionals can help ease the path to making final decisions.