Traffic stop leads to DUI and felony assault charges

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In Virginia, when a person is investigated by law enforcement for a possible case of driving under the influence, it can lead to an arrest. The penalties for a DUI conviction are often harsh with the possibility of a driver’s license suspension, jail time, fines and other consequences. In some instances, the driver is accused of fleeing, resisting arrest and even assault. This will obviously make the situation more complicated and raise the potential ramifications significantly. While these cases can be difficult, it is important to remember the value of being protected and formulating a viable criminal defense.

Man, 34, arrested on multiple charges including DUI and assault

A 34-year-old man whose vehicle had stopped in the intersection of the road is accused of DUI and assaulting local deputies. The incident began in the evening at around 7:35 p.m. A deputy went to the scene after there was a call about a possible drunk driver. The driver was said to be slurring his words and there was a smell of alcohol emanating from him. Asked to take part in field sobriety tests, he declined.

As he was being arrested, he resisted attempts to put him in handcuffs. Deputies placed him in leg restraints, but he continued fighting them. He kicked one deputy and bit another. The driver suffered a cut to his forehead in the scuffle. Taken to the hospital for treatment, he was belligerent with the staff. He is facing two felony charges for assaulting law enforcement. He also had a previous DUI making this his second such charge. In addition, he was charged with driving without a license and obstructing justice.

Experienced legal assistance is key when dealing with felony charges

A second DUI conviction can be problematic in many ways. When it is combined with accusations of felony assault on law enforcement officers, a conviction could leave the person facing extended jail time and other challenges long after the case is over. It can negatively impact a person’s career and prospects for the future.

Although these allegations are serious, it does not mean he is without alternatives to achieve a reasonably positive outcome. Perhaps a plea bargain could be available or there are issues that would explain his behavior, leading to leniency. It might even be possible to be acquitted of some or all the charges. A firm with experience in multiple areas of criminal defense could be able to help. Calling for advice immediately is a wise first step.