How long are license suspensions after a DUI?

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As it is now summer in Virginia, people will be out with friends and family enjoying the warm weather. There are many different activities that people do with their friends and family, but it is common for people to drink alcohol while they are participating in these activities. Drinking alcohol can help enhance the situation for many people, to help them loosen up, relax and enjoy their time with others.

This is generally not bad, but people need to make sure that they do not become intoxicated and if they do, they need make smart decisions about how to get back home. If people decide to drive home after consuming too much alcohol they risk being charged with a DUI if they are stopped. DUIs can have a major effect on people’s lives. In addition to the criminal penalties people will also have their drivers’ licenses suspended for a period of time.

Factors that determine the length of license suspensions

The length of the suspension depends on a number of different factors though. These factors are generally based on how many DUIs the person has on their record.

For first time DUI offenses people will have their license automatically suspended for seven days if they have a BAC of .08 or higher and if they are later convicted of the DUI, their license will be suspended for one year. For a second DUI, the automatic suspension increases to 60 days and if convicted the suspension will be for three years. A third DUI will result in an automatic suspension until the person goes to trial or is convicted of the DUI. If convicted the suspension will be indefinite. People may also be required to have ignition interlock installed in their vehicles in order to be allowed to drive.

People in Virginia rely on their vehicles to go to the various places they need to go throughout the day. License suspensions can make that very difficult for people, so avoiding convictions after being charged is very important. Being charged with a DUI does not mean that people will be convicted and there may be defenses available. Experienced attorneys understand these defenses and may be able to guide one through the process.