Alexandria man accused of sexual battery

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An Alexandria man faces several criminal charges, including a charge of sexual battery, after an incident on the streets of the city during the dinnertime hour.

Police say that a woman reported that a someone had attacked her. When responding to what police described as a report of a disorderly person, they discovered that the man was allegedly also accosting other women.

Police indicated that they thought the man had been drinking and accused him of public intoxication.

Many people can find themselves the targets of a sexual battery charge

A sexual battery is a misdemeanor offense in Virginia. However, a person convicted of this charge can still face jail time and fines. He will also have a criminal conviction on his record that can have far-reaching professional and personal consequences.

For instance, a sexual battery conviction could disqualify a person from certain occupations and other opportunities, and it may even impact her child custody and parenting time situation.

Given how broad the charge is, it is surprisingly easy for someone to be accused of sexual battery. For example, someone who is at a college party or out at a local bar could easily find himself in the wrong place and at the wrong time.

Sometimes, the best strategy is to admit one’s mistake and work to move on with life. There will of course be consequences, but this does not mean that a person should be treated unfairly or have no chance for redemption.

In other cases, the charges are simply false or they are greatly exaggerated. Even the best meaning people, including police officers and prosecutors, can jump to conclusions without knowing the full story.

Those accused of sexual battery should carefully evaluate their legal options.