More husbands are receiving spousal support in a divorce

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In the past, it was typical for husbands to support their ex-wives financially if the couple divorced. This was related to the traditional family structure at the time, when husbands were expected to earn a living outside of the home while wives ran the household and raised the children. That is far less typical nowadays. In most cases, both spouses must work and it is often the wife who earns more than the husband. Likewise, it is increasingly common for women to be ordered to pay alimony to their ex-husbands.

It’s also increasingly common for women to resent these orders. Although many women are earning more money than their partners, it is often the case that the man does not perform all of the duties that the woman did in the past in the household. Many men seem to have traditional ideas regarding what they will and will not do and that can put pressure on the woman. Those tasks still need to be completed and someone has to do them. Some women feel it is unfair that they worked more on the household than their ex-husbands during the marriage, and now must pay alimony to support his new household.

Conflict and resentment are more prevalent than ever

In those cases where the woman has been ordered by the court to pay spousal support to her ex-husband, resentment and conflict between the two people are often an issue. Of course, everyone involved loses if that is the case. That is where some outside support may really benefit the situation.

A divorce lawyer with solid experience and expertise may help a great deal. A Virginia divorce lawyer can help you to navigate the divorce process, whether you have children to consider or not. The right legal representation can help you to defend your rights while dealing with any disputes that may come up in a sensitive and discrete manner for the most amicable conclusion possible.