Managing your emotions when dividing property in a divorce

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Going through a divorce is often painful and emotional. Even if you and your spouse remain amicable, attitudes can quickly change when the property division process begins and stress increases.

You may be in a great deal of pain and feel like you are in no position to make major decisions regarding property and finances. The reality is that you may not be. However, just as getting over someone takes time, so does negotiation.

Don’t rush through things

Although you may want to get your divorce over as quickly as possible, and move on with your life, it is important to take things slowly, especially if yours is a high-asset divorce. You want to make sure that all marital assets are properly valued, and this may mean that you and your spouse need to get separate valuations.

Do not let your spouse take advantage of your fragile emotional state. Many people end up with unfair divorce settlements because their spouse took advantage of their heartbreak and convinced them to enter into an unfair agreement, either taking less than their fair share of assets or taking on more marital debt than they should.

Consider mediation

Emotions such as sadness and anger may cause you to fight over everything in a courtroom and be unwilling to compromise. While this is understandable, you will usually receive a better outcome through using an alternative dispute resolution technique, such as mediation.

Mediation is a private process between you, your spouse and a mediator who acts as a neutral third party. Mediation gives you more control over the ultimate result and often saves you time and money.

Additionally, a mediator guides you and your spouse towards an agreement in everyone’s best interest. This usually works out better than leaving everything up to a judge. If you cannot agree in mediation, you always have the option of going to court, but don’t let your emotions or pride prevent you from trying an alternative process.

Experienced Virginia divorce attorneys understand how emotions can cloud judgment during property division. Their advice and guidance can help you make good decisions and obtain a fair outcome.