Do I need a forensic accountant?

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By the time you get to a divorce, you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse have fallen out of love. Though, for many, not only have you fallen out of love but you also distrust your partner. Indeed, by the time couples get divorce attorneys, the relationship may have severely devolved. This means that you may not even trust your ex to be truthful about the family assets. This makes many wonder if a Virginia forensic accountant is needed.

Will your divorce be a high-asset divorce?

If so, then a forensic accountant will be needed. This is because you will need someone to do an exhaustive search to establish your marital and separate estates. To ensure that the divorce is fair, you both need to know what you cumulatively own. In addition, you both need to know the value of your joint and separate assets.

Do you believe your spouse hides assets?

If there is distrust in the divorce, and you believe that your spouse is or will hide assets, , you need a forensic accountant. Forensic accountants can often find hidden assets, which in today’s global and crypto world, has never been more important.

Is there a disagreement over value?

For high-net-worth couples in Alexandria, Virginia, you have antiques, arts and other illiquid valuables. The value of these treasured items can become a huge contention point when dividing assets as one spouse may attribute more value to them than the other. A forensic accountant can be utilized here as an expert witness to attest to these illiquid items’ values.

What to takeaway

They key here is that an Alexandria, Virginia, divorce attorney may not be the only person you need on your team. Ask your lawyer about a forensic accountant and whether you need any other professionals on your team. This will ensure that the divorce will be fair, and you get everything you are entitled to get.