Leave your weed at home when catching a flight

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As readers of this blog know, we discuss marijuana (weed) regularly. And, as readers likely know, marijuana law is constantly changing in our state. And, now that it is legal, some may think that you can fly with it from Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, but that is not correct for Alexandria, Virginia, residents or Virginia residents in general.

Virginia weed laws

Our state has evolved from it being completely illegal, to legalizing medical marijuana to, now, the decriminalization of less than an ounce of weed for those 21 and over. Previously, we discussed this evolution in marijuana law in a recent blog post.

Transportation Security Administration

First, to fly, you will need to pass through a Transportation Security Administration security checkpoint. Both you and your belongings will searched by TSA officers. They comply with federal and enforce federal law, and since weed is still illegal federally, they will not allow you to fly with it. However, what they do when they catch you with weed depends on the state in which you are caught.

Leave it at home

In Virginia, it is legal under an ounce for those 21 and older. As such, if you have less than an ounce and are 21 or older, the TSA agent may have you trash the weed, confiscate it or force you to take the weed out of the airport.

They may also hold you for local or airport police to make that call, who will then likely release you. Once they arrive, since you were attempting to fly with your weed though, the local or airport police may try to tack on some other weed-based crime.

If you are caught in a state where it is illegal, the TSA will detain you. TSA will then call the local or airport police to arrest or ticket you.

The takeaway

If there is one takeaway for our readers, it is to leave your weed at home when you fly. Even if you get past the TSA, flying with weed is still illegal. And, you may be flying into a state where it is illegal as well.