Are you preparing for a tough custody fight?

On Behalf of | May 6, 2023 | Family Law |

If you are preparing to end your marriage, your focus may be on securing terms that will be most likely to benefit your children. You want to ensure their protection and security long-term, and that means seeking a custody and visitation order that allows them to have as much stability and security as possible. Unfortunately, this may not be simple, especially if the other parent has a different idea or wants things that you believe are contrary to the best interests of your kids.  

Custody and visitation are often difficult and emotionally challenging issues to navigate during a Virginia divorce. It may be necessary for you to fight for your desired custody outcome, but before you begin this process, you will benefit from preparing for what is ahead. With preparation, it may be easier to navigate a custody battle, and you may have a higher chance for success. 

Get ready for what is ahead 

A custody battle is likely to be complicated and lengthy, and at any point in the process, you may feel like you are in over your head. To reduce your stress, help maintain your focus on what is important and ensure you make positive decisions at every step, you will need to prepare for what lies ahead of you. The following steps may prove beneficial before and during your custody battle: 

  • Consider your living arrangements. Do you have enough space for your kids in your home? Is it safe, comfortable and close to their school? 
  • Know what is going on with your kids and be familiar with their schedules, including school, sports, ongoing health concerns, extracurricular activities and more. 
  • Gather all documentation you have pertaining to your custody concerns, the needs of your kids and other factors that may impact their well-being. 
  • Be diligent to follow the terms of your current separation agreement, and demonstrate that you are willing to cooperate for the sake of your kids.  

By doing these things, you can lay the foundation for a custody battle that you may have to navigate for the well-being of your kids. While difficult, it is helpful to remember that the ultimate goal is to secure terms that will preserve the interests of your kids. As you consider your custody options and a potential legal battle, you may find it helpful to seek professional assistance as you prepare for the legal steps you will have to take in the near future.