Any domestic violence conviction has serious consequences

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It is surprisingly easy for a person living in Alexandria or the other Northern Virginia suburbs to face a criminal charge related to domestic violence.

Relationships can get rocky, and if the police get called to a disturbance, whether to file charges and what charges get filed will often depend on what people say and how they behave at the time, as well as the police’s initial impressions.

Any charge related to domestic violence is a serious matter.

Although a single charge of battery against a family member is a misdemeanor when a person has no prior record, it can still lead to jail time for up to 1 year and a fine of up to $2,500.

Additionally, a person can face strict terms of probation, including mandatory counseling or a protective order that could lead to a person having to leave their home for the time being.

A conviction related to domestic violence can have long-term effects

Beyond criminal penalties, even one crime related to domestic violence can have other serious consequences as well.

  • A conviction for domestic violence can affect a parent’s rights to custody and parenting time.
  • If a person is a non-citizen, then a domestic violence offense could result in deportation.
  • Domestic violence convictions are effective disqualifiers for many professions and jobs. Likewise, a person may find their personal opportunities, like foster care or volunteering, limited.
  • A person with a domestic violence conviction will not be allowed to own or possess a firearm.

Basically, a person facing any criminal charge related to domestic violence should make sure they understand all their options before entering a guilty plea. Not carefully consider one’s alternatives can lead to serious and far-reaching consequences.