How can you respond to a child custody modification request?

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A custody modification request might take you by surprise, leaving you concerned about what your future with your child will look like.

After all, the court may grant the request and thereby restrict the amount of time that you get to spend with your child.

The court could also set parameters on what time with your child looks like, such as by ordering that it be supervised by a third-party.

With your relationship with your child on the line, you need to be prepared to defend yourself and your child’s best interests. But how do you do that?

Tips for fighting back against a child custody modification request

There are several approaches that you can take when fighting a custody modification request. This includes:

  • Presenting evidence that contradicts the other parent’s claims.
  • Attacking the credibility of the other parent and the witnesses they present.
  • Distancing any problematic allegations levied against you from their impact on your child and their well-being.
  • Highlighting the other parent’s unfitness.
  • Renewing focus on your child’s best interests rather than personal attacks.
  • Demonstrating that the alleged change in circumstances is only temporary in nature.

There may be other ways to attack the modification request filed in your case. Just make sure that you have evidence on your side that speaks to the applicable legal standard.

Don’t let your child’s other parent strip you of your relationship with your kid

There’s a lot at stake in a child custody case. If you don’t aggressively advocate for your position, then your child’s overall well-being could suffer. So, be prepared going into your custody dispute so that you can make the arguments needed to properly protect your child’s best interests.