Your Advocate Against Federal Crime Charges

With Virginia’s proximity to Washington, D.C., there are many ways that you can get exposed to the federal justice system. Quite simply, crimes on federal land get prosecuted in federal court, and we live in an area with a lot of federal highways, parks and military or government installations.

DWI Charges

A prime and typical example of this is DWI arrests in locations such as the George Washington Memorial Parkway, other federal parks and government installations such as the CIA or military bases like Quantico, for example.  When a DWI becomes a federal offense, you need legal representation adept at defending against federal charges. Schmergel & Mersberger, PLC, conveniently located in Old Town Alexandria, has over 15 years of experience representing clients against DWI and other federal criminal charges.

White Collar Crimes

Perhaps you suspect that you are under investigation for a crime, or maybe you just received a target letter. Retaining the right attorney early on can help. Dennis Mersberger has handled cases involving government targets and persons of interest to the government as witnesses in cases involving fraud, drug distribution and violent crimes. Mr. Mersberger has experience with not only the U.S. Attorney’s Office but also with agencies such as the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Securities Exchange Commission (SEC)

Drug Crimes

Federal gun and drug crimes include drug possession, conspiracy to distribute and distribution of drugs and possession of a gun in furtherance of drug distribution. What would usually be a state crime becomes federal when the offense implicates interstate commerce or international lines, when it occurred on federal property or when there was federal involvement in your identification or arrest. With the severe nature of federal sentencing, you need a lawyer who knows the federal system and has a track record of case successes.

Get Help Today

Get skilled and responsive legal assistance against your federal crime allegations today. We provide clients personalized representation from before the grand jury hearings through federal trials. Give Schmergel & Mersberger a call at 703-763-2645 or contact us online to schedule an initial confidential consultation.