Writing Custom Prenuptial And Postnuptial Agreements

A prenuptial agreement defines the present state of assets and property ownership between marrying individuals and describes how they will get split if a divorce occurs. At Schmergel & Mersberger, PLC, we recognize the importance of this type of contract as a statement of each person’s rights regarding their property.

Reasons to consider getting a prenuptial agreement are as diverse as the couples who seek to establish them. Because of this, a document personally crafted by an experienced attorney is the best route to take for a legal agreement that will stand in court. Prenuptials can define:

  • An asset division arrangement that changes over the years of marriage
  • Current assets and debts of each person and how they will be divided
  • Inheritance rights of children from previous marriages

Our firm has worked with high-asset couples in all areas of family law for 15 years. Our knowledge and experience give you an edge in the custom construction of your document.

Post-Marriage Option

Postnuptial agreements are an alternative for couples that did not form a contract before marriage. In addition to defining property ownership and acceptable asset division, they are also useful in a variety of instances including:

  • Establishing terms of divorce that recognize inheritance rights of each spouse’s children
  • Protecting a newly-formed business partnership from a possible future divorce
  • A requirement of a postnuptial agreement to satisfy a beneficiary arrangement

Many couples find that the agreement they created helped them reduce the amount of time and money spent to divorce.

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