The long-term effects of divorce in Virginia

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If you are divorced, you probably experienced emotional pain as well as loss and resentment. However, as time went by, you may have put those feelings into perspective, and now you can hopefully see some positive outcomes for your life.

According to a recent survey, many people feel that their divorce had a positive effect on their work. The survey continues by reporting that many people who are no longer being in a relationship with their former spouse that they are now doing better at their job.

Isn’t divorce considered a stigma?

In years past, there was a common perception that getting a divorce or being divorced had a stigma attached to it. Of course, that it just isn’t the case. There are many different reasons why people end up divorcing. If two people are not happy together and they find a solution that will make them happier, why would they not choose that solution so that they can be happy again?

The events that led up to a divorce and then finalizing the divorce comes with stress. However, for many people, once the divorce is final and they are in their new lives, they find that they are a lot happier on their own than they were when they were still married.

What does the survey say?

Almost 39% of the people who responded to the survey felt that their work improved because of the divorce. It is interesting (and probably somewhat surprising) to learn that such a high percentage of people experienced that positive outcome after getting divorced.

Those people felt that being able to remove themselves from their marriage, which made them unhappy, allowed them to look at life from a new perspective and to reevaluate what was really important to them. According to recent statistics, over one-third of Americans are divorced or are in the process of getting a divorce.

As far as the positive effect of the divorce on work for the 39%, they removed from their lives those situations that were making them unhappy and thus getting in the way of their focusing on what was important (including work) so once that was no longer an issue, the focus returned.

Support from a Virginia divorce attorney

If you are in the process of getting a divorce, the knowledgeable advice of a divorce attorney may make a big difference in your case. Your attorney can help you to get through this difficult period in your life and can provide you with all of the resources that you may need so that you can hopefully move on to a better life and a happier existence.