Drug charges can a put a student’s future in jeopardy

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For many Americans, the college years are a time of experimentation. College students are exposed to new people and new ideas, at an age when they’re still learning about themselves. It’s natural under such circumstances to try new things. Sometimes this is just a part of growing up, and sometimes it can lead to trouble. Sometimes this trouble can jeopardize a young person’s whole future.

Virginia Tech student faces drug charges

Recently, police arrested a Virginia Tech student in what they said was part of a drug trafficking investigation.

Police said they obtained a warrant and searched a Blacksburg residence, where they found a large quantity of illegal psychoactive drugs, including LSD, MDMA, psilocybin mushrooms and nearly 10 pounds of marijuana. Altogether, the police said, the drugs had a street value of nearly $240,000.

The student now faces multiple charges, including possession with intent to distribute. If convicted of all charges, he could potentially spend the rest of his life in prison.

Special considerations for college students

College students over age 18 are treated as adults when they face criminal charges. In addition to the criminal justice system, they may also face disciplinary action from their schools.

For example, here in Alexandria, the George Washington University Code of Student Conduct prohibits possession or use of illegal drugs. This means the university has its own procedures for disciplining students accused of drug crimes. Regardless of the outcome of any related criminal case, a student could lose a scholarship or be expelled from university. This would affect their ability to be admitted to any other educational institution and could hold them back from their career goals.

For those convicted of drug crimes, the consequences are even more serious and long-lasting.