Finding the best defense possible for your DWI charge

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Getting pulled over by law enforcement is a stressful and overwhelming situation. Even if it is not your first time getting pulled over, it can feel like a new experience. This is especially true if you are being accused of drunk driving.

A DWI charge can feel like a serious situation, and that is because it is. The penalties can be impactful and severe, making it important that one is aware of the charges against them. Within the borders of Virginia, there is a large amount of federal property. As such, a DWI could turn into a federal offense.

DWI charges

A drunk driving charge could result when operating a motor vehicle, motorcycle, moped or even boat. At Schmergel & Mersberger, PLC, our law firm has encountered a wide range of DWI charges, allowing us to understand the details and evidence relevant to each case. Our attorneys are dedicated to guiding our clients throughout the defense process, helping them defend their rights and assert the best defense possible for their case.


Much like other traffic and criminal offenses, a DWI is likely to have a fine. At times, this can be significant. For a first-time conviction, one is likely to face a year suspension of their driver’s license and a fine of at least $250. A second or subsequent DWIs is likely to carry harsher penalties, including hefty fines, license suspension, mandatory jail sentence, treatment requirements and more.


A DWI could significantly impact you now and into the future; thus, it is important that you explore your defense options. A legal professional can help you understand the facts and evidence of your matter, helping you establish a defense strategy against the charge.