How should you tell your kids about your divorce?

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2023 | Family Law |

The end of your marriage is going to impact your family in many different ways and for years to come. It is important for your kids that you work to minimize the negative effects that a divorce can have by putting their needs and interests first. While this can be difficult in the midst of the emotions of divorce, it is beneficial to focus on the kids above all else. This starts with the initial conversation you will have with your kids about the divorce. 

The first conversation can be intimidating and difficult for the entire family. As a parent, it is critical to be thoughtful about this conversation and to prepare to help your kids as they process this information. With your focus on their needs, you can lay the foundation for a strong future for your kids as you move forward during and after divorce. 

Breaking the difficult news 

It is not easy to tell your kids that you will be moving forward with a divorce. This was not an easy decision, and you may have concerns about how this process will impact your entire family going forward. Most experts agree that it is best for children if both parents take the time to sit down with them together and have this conversation in-person. Other ways to make this conversation easier and better include: 

  • Have the conversation in a place that is comfortable and private. 
  • Plan ahead of time what you will say and how each parent will explain. 
  • Give the kids reasonable expectations for what will happen during the divorce. 
  • Plan for the kids to react with emotions such as anger, confusion, sadness and more. 

While it is normal to have strong emotions during a divorce, it is important that you not allow your feelings to determine how you have this conversation with your kids. It is critical to remove anger, blame and hostility as you explain to your kids what is happening. 

The foundation for a strong future 

The decisions you make during the earliest stages of the divorce process could affect your Virginia family for years to come. By handling this conversation with care and prioritizing the needs of the kids as you navigate the divorce process, you can lay the foundation for a strong future for years to come.