Avoid a DUI this holiday season

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2023 | Criminal Defense |

The holiday season usually means an increase in DUI stops and arrests. The holidays mean more drivers on Virginia’s roads and more police officers monitoring the roads for impaired drivers.

A DUI conviction in Virgnia comes with serious penalties, which increase with each additional conviction. With the increased number of police officers on the roads, you have a higher chance of being arrested if you are driving while buzzed or drunk and facing these penalties.

The following tips can help you avoid a DUI arrest.

Consider not drinking at all

Obviously, the best way to avoid a holiday DUI charge is to stay sober if you are going to drive. This can be challenging if you have holiday events or family gatherings to attend where you know alcohol will be served, but if you truly want to avoid the stress of worrying about a DUI, staying sober is the only way to do so.

Offering to be a designated driver can make the choice to stay sober easier. You can enjoy your celebrations knowing that you will be helping others get home safely.

If you do drink, find a safe way home

If you do decide to drink, do not drive. There are plenty of options today for getting home without driving, such as ride shares. Use one of these services or ask a friend or family member to drive you home.

Consider spending the night somewhere if your event is farther away from home. Even if you feel like could drive the distance home, do not put yourself in a situation where you could get pulled over. If money is tight, ask to stay with a friend or find a low-cost hotel in the area.

Know your alcohol tolerance

When you are drinking, know your limit. One or two drinks typically does not put people over the legal driving limit, but tolerance must also be considered. If you have a low alcohol tolerance, stick to one drink and drink plenty of water before, during and afterwards. Do not drink on an empty stomach.

A DUI charge can ruin your holiday season and the consequences will last well beyond it. If you do find yourself arrested for DUI, do not say anything to the police. There are potential defenses to the charge that you must explore.