If I’m being pulled over, can I avoid a ticket?

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It is one of the most common questions drivers have when they get pulled over: how do I avoid this ticket? But, the truth is, there is no guaranteed way to avoid a ticket. However, there are things that you can do to make it more likely that the police officer will chose to give you a warning, rather than an Alexandria, Virginia, ticket.

It starts the moment those lights come on

From the moment that the officer notices you, they are making judgement. As such, avoiding a ticket starts the moment those lights come on. Quickly, find a well-lighted area to pull over, preferably, a parking lot.

Make the officer feel comfortable

Alexandria, Virginia, police officers, almost, universally, agree that traffic stops are high stress and dangerous. Your goal should be to reduce the stress, and let the officer know you are not a threat. Roll down the driver and passenger window, turn off the car and radio, turn on the cabin light, keep your eyes forward and then, keep hands in view.

When the police officer gets to the window

Be polite, courteous and follow orders. Identify yourself and hand over the requested information. When asked if you know why you were pulled over, do not admit anything. Simply saying, “no, sir, or no, ma’am” is fine. Do not incriminate yourself because it will make fighting that ticket later much harder. Though, do not lie to the officer either. That can also make things harder too.

Too engage or not engage

Some Alexandria, Virginia, police officers are “chatty.” Whether or not you engage with them really depends on you. Remember, they are looking to catch you in a lie or get you to admit some wrongdoing. With that said, though, engaging with police officers in witty banter that is done courteously and respectfully can help lighten the mood. This can be the difference maker to avoid a ticket. Just be sure it is not the reason you go to jail or get a ticket.