What to look for in asset valuation during your divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2024 | High-Asset Divorce |

If you and your spouse have significant assets, then dividing them in your divorce is going to be pivotal to your future, as it will dictate what your financial positioning will look like for years to come. Although the property division in your marriage dissolution should be fair, figuring out an equitable distribution plan can be tricky when you don’t even know the true value of your assets.

What are your marital assets are worth?

There are a lot of assets that can be difficult to valuate. This includes businesses, jewelry, artwork, and family heirlooms. If you want to ensure fair property division, then you need to have professional valuations conducted so that you have a clear sense of what your marital property is worth.

When choosing someone to evaluate your property, you’ll want to look for the following:

  • Someone with experience analyzing the type of assets in question.
  • Someone who understands the various valuation methods.
  • Someone who is willing to testify in court about their valuation process and their ultimate conclusions.
  • Someone who can provide strong recommendations from those who have utilized them in the past.
  • Someone who has a demonstrated history of adhering to acceptable practices.

With so much to consider, take your time selecting your valuation professional. Rushing your decision could leave you with someone whose recommendation ends up putting you behind the 8-ball.

Have a strong legal strategy going into your divorce

You need to protect yourself as much as possible during your high-asset marriage dissolution proceedings. This requires knowledge of the law and how to craft persuasive legal arguments, the latter of which requires reliance on strong evidence such as valuation.

If you’d like to learn more about how to position yourself for a successful divorce, then continue to research what you can do to competently and aggressively advocate for yourself.