Navigating All The Details Of A High Asset Divorce

If you have a high net worth, it is essential to choose a lawyer who excels at handling the complexity of an extensive marital property division process. Schmergel & Mersberger, PLC, has represented clients in family law matters including high-asset divorce for over 15 years. With a large portfolio of investments, properties and high-ticket items, including retirement assets, it could be easy to miss some details, but our firm does not allow that to happen. We:

  • Search for hidden assets
  • Characterize property as separate or marital
  • Aggressively pursue division strategies that meet your goals

Separate property stays out of consideration for asset division, so it is to your advantage to have as much of it as possible off of the table for division negotiations. When developing strategies to defend your right to a fair division of property, we keep possible tax implication scenarios in mind.

Working For You

Our personalized approach means that you will work with the same attorney from the first consultation to the end of your case. Our skilled representation will both advise you regarding case approach and act in accordance with your best interests and goals.

Leverage Your Rights

Working out complex business divisions and enforcing adherence to prenuptial agreements are just two of the ways we can make sure no one diminishes your right to a fair outcome of your high-asset divorce.

Learn More Today

Find out more about how our firm helps clients in northern Virginia receive fair property divisions in high-asset divorces. Give us a call at 703-763-2645 or reach us online to schedule an initial consultation.