Support For You And Your Family

One of the most worrisome factors in a divorce is how you and your family will continue to have the resources to support your lifestyle. You may also wonder if your children will be unable to take advantage of things such as future educational opportunities. Schmergel & Mersberger, PLC, understands your concerns and works diligently to establish equitable support arrangements for you and your family.

Beyond The State Framework

There is a mandated formula for determining child support payments in Virginia. Among other things, it takes parental gross income and the amount of time each child spends with the parent into consideration to establish the presumptive payment. However, if you feel this level of support is not adequate or appropriate under the circumstances, Virginia law provides that you can request a deviation in the presumptive payment amount to make the payment higher or lower.

Fighting For Spousal Support

Commonly known as alimony, consideration of spousal support by the court hinges on facts regarding the marriage and whether assistance is necessary. The support arrangement will largely depend on the financial needs of each party and the ability of each person to support themselves or others. Marriage duration also weights the court’s decision; the longer the marriage, the more likely a support arrangement, if there is an established need. The implication of proven adultery by a spouse requesting spousal support means that no award is granted, absent a showing of injustice.

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