Protection From Domestic Assault

Intimidation, threats and domestic violence should not endanger the well-being of your household. Schmergel & Mersberger, PLC, is here to help. Our lawyers can help establish or defend against civil protective orders. Domestic violence cases have potentially complex consequences to intimate and familial relationships. Protective orders can provide unparalleled legal relief in cases of domestic violence. Experienced legal counsel is critical.

If you find that a romantic partner, member of your family or household has a pattern of violence against you and perhaps others in your home, or you are a victim of stalking, there is a way to pursue protection from law enforcement and the courts. In Virginia, there are three types of protective orders to promote the safety of you and your family:

  • An Emergency Protective Order (EPO) – valid at least 72 hours after its issue.
  • A Preliminary Protective Order (PPO) – valid up to 15 days or until a court rules otherwise.
  • A Final Protective Order (PO) – valid up to two years.

These orders can require an abusive person(s) to have no contact with you and your family and/or household members and in some instances result in relief that includes: granting the petitioner possession of the premises occupied by the parties to the exclusion of the allegedly abusing person; enjoining the abuser from terminating utilities; granting petitioner exclusive use of a cell phone and the temporary possession and use of a motor vehicle; and to pay the legal costs stemming from the abuse and need to pursue a protective order.

Safeguarding Your Rights

Just as important, if you have a protective order served against you, you have a right for your side to be heard in court. Because protective orders can restrict your freedom and are forwarded to the primary law enforcement agency located within your jurisdiction, they may even show up on a background check, however, you have an opportunity to oppose the order in a court hearing.

Schmergel & Mersberger, PLC attorneys have years of protective order litigation experience to give you the knowledge and edge you need to protect your rights so you can move on with your life.

Protect Your Best Interests

The time is now to protect your best interests whether you need to obtain a protective order for your safety or you must assert your rights because you have been served with a protective order. Call Schmergel & Mersberger, PLC in Alexandria today at 703-763-2645 or contact us online to schedule an initial consultation with one of our attorneys.