Advocating For You Throughout Divorce

The divorce process consists of several parts that can be strategically planned to work together to give you a divorce agreement that is the best possible given the situation. At Schmergel & Mersberger, PLC, we help each of our divorce clients through an emotionally difficult process while advocating for a successful agreement outcome.

Finding An Option That Works For You

Many divorces are no-fault in the state of Virginia, which requires one year of separation before finalization of the divorce, or as little as six months if there are no children. An at-fault divorce option may be for you if your spouse has been unfaithful or:

  • Has been convicted of a felony
  • Is guilty of cruelty that makes you fear for your safety, such as domestic violence
  • Abandoned your home or the marriage

If there are grounds for divorce based on the actions of your spouse, it could make a positive impact on any alimony or property division negotiations, or the outcome of the case in court. While there is no waiting period for an at-fault divorce, the fault needs proof to be valid.

Addressing Asset Division Concerns

Our skill in complex high-asset divorces gives Schmergel & Mersberger an edge in comprehensive asset division negotiations and litigation. We analyze clients’ portfolios of assets and property to determine an equitable division strategy that meets your goals.

Establishing Child Custody And Visitation

Our firm acts as your advocate in matters of child custody and visitation arrangements. Whether you desire joint or sole custody of your children, we strive for a fair agreement that will be best for you and your children.

Securing Child And Spousal Support

Though governed by a formula established by the state, we regularly pursue modification of child support payment amounts through the court. We have over 15 years of experience establishing the need for alimony/spousal support arrangements for many of our clients, as well.

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